White Thermal Sticker

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: US$
  • MOQ: 1 Piece
  • Supply Ability: 1000 pcs per month
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Model Dimension (WxH) PCS/Roll
    RM2010 20×10mm 2000pcs/roll
    RM2228 22x28mm 900pcs/roll
    RM2412 24x12mm 1600pcs/roll
    RM3015 30x15mm 1250pcs/roll
    RM3037 30x37mm 600pcs/roll
    RM2515 25x15mm 1400pcs/roll
    RM2616 26x16mm 1400pcs/roll
    RM3017 30x17mm 1200pcs/roll
    RM3020 30x20mm 1200pcs/roll
    RM3025 30x25mm 1100pcs/roll
    RM3070 30x70mm 400pcs/roll
    RM3126 31x26mm 800pcs/roll
    RM3214 32x14mm 1400pcs/roll
    RM3218 32x18mm 1100pcs/roll
    RM3223 32x23mm 900pcs/roll
    RM3525 35x25mm 900pcs/roll
    RM3798 37x98mm 280pcs/roll
    RM3828 38x28mm 700pcs/roll
    RM4020 40x20mm 900pcs/roll
    RM4025 40x25mm 900pcs/roll
    RM4030 40x30mm 800pcs/roll
    RM4050 40x50mm 500pcs/roll
    RM4060 40x60mm 350pcs/roll
    RM4070 40x70mm 320pcs/roll
    RM4080 40x80mm 300pcs/roll
    RM4222 42x22mm 650pcs/roll
    RM4227 42x27mm 600pcs/roll
    RM4232 42x32mm 550pcs/roll
    RM4252 42x52mm 350pcs/roll
    RM4268 42x68mm 250pcs/roll
    RM4282 42x82mm 250pcs/roll
    RM4314 43x14mm 1100pcs/roll
    RM4515 45x15mm 1000pcs/roll
    RM4520 45x20mm 1000pcs/roll
    RM5020 50x20mm 800 pcs/roll
    RM5030 50x30mm 600pcs/roll
    RM5035 50x35mm 550pcs/roll
    RM5040 50x40mm 500pcs/roll
    RM5080 50x80mm 270pcs/roll
    RM50100 50x100mm 200pcs/roll
    RM5224 52x24mm 600pcs/roll
    RM5232 52x32mm 450pcs/roll
    RM5237 52x37mm 400pcs/roll
    RM5278 52x78mm 220pcs/roll
    RM5530 55x30mm 700pcs/roll
    RM5595 55x95mm 200pcs/roll
    RM5732 57x32mm 450pcs/roll
    RM6030 60x30mm 750pcs/roll
    RM6040 60x40mm 500pcs/roll
    RM6045 60x45mm 520pcs/roll
    RM6090 60x90mm 250pcs/roll
    RM60100 60x100mm 200pcs/roll
    RM6242 62x42mm 300pcs/roll
    RM6292 62x92mm 180pcs/roll
    RM6595 65x95mm 200pcs/roll
    RM6642 66x42mm 300pcs/roll
    RM7040 70x40mm 450pcs/roll
    RM7050 70x50mm 400pcs/roll
    RM7090 70x90mm 230pcs/roll
    RM7037 70x37mm 400pcs/roll
    RM7232 72x32mm 300pcs/roll
    RM7288 72x88mm 200pcs/roll

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